About Us

Luther Veritas provides a board spectrum of advisory services to national and international clients - and government and non-governmental beneficiaries - in the areas of cybersecurity, Human Resources Management, International Standards (ISO) associated with Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, Information Security, Food Safety, Anti-Corruption.

Our Advisory services focus on our clients' most critical business and operation issues and opportunities. From strategy, business and organization transformation & development, information and cybersecurity and sustainability across all industries. We deliver deep, functional expertise, inculcate with a holistic approach. This approach provides assurance that our solutions are sustainable in the everchanging dynamic markets.

Our ongoing aim is to help clients succeed. We examine these challenges in new ways to produce breakthrough insights and deliver new solutions. We deliver insights with impact for our clients using our unbiased, fact-based, rigorous approach to uncover business truths.

Our Team

Our advisors have come from all corners of the globe. Each brings a unique area of specialization, expertise and focus. Yet for all the diversity in our firm, every single one of our advisors has a common objective: a goal of helping our clients maximize the potential of their business.

Today, we are proud to work with some of the most sophisticated, most innovative and most successful organizations in the world. It’s why we seek out the intellectually curious, confident and high-achiever types. It’s why we hire people who value analysis over assumption. It’s why our culture values evidence over opinion.

Regardless of the project's scale assigned to us, from our largest to our most focused engagement, our advisors take nothing for granted. Our advisors consider each assignment objectively and applied our Luther devised methodologies to deliver a practical, effective and sustainable solution for our clients. At Luther, we consume and process data & information to offer deeper insight into our client business environment and situation. We deliver not just the solutions, but also deeper and sharper insights and give our clients a competitive advantage.